Powermax Endmatcher & Defect Saw

Powermax Endmatcher & Defect Saw


The Powermax Endmatcher is designed for head-end machining of floorboards, decking and cladding using the through-feed method. This allows both fixed and variable lengths to be produced. One of the unique and strong characteristics of the Endmatcher is its capacity. Depending on the product, the machine can achieve a capacity of up to 24 boards per minute. The high speed milling motors in combination with profiling tools, which we have developed especially for this machine, result in a very high quality end result. Wondering what capacity the Powermax Endmatcher can achieve in your production? We can calculate this for you based on information like: type of wood, board dimensions and your profile. Please feel free to contact us!

Additional information


450 – 6000+ mm


50 – 300 mm (up to 500 mm optional)


8 – 50 mm


Up to 24 pieces/min

Length Modes

Variable / Fixed / Optimizing Round Lengths


3200 kg


32 kW

Air Pressure

6 bar

Dimensions (LxWxH)

2800 x 2000 x 1600 mm

Mill Diameter

125 mm

Saw Blade Diameter

450 mm

Suction Point Diameter

1x 200mm / 2x 120mm

Air Speed Extraction

30 m/sec