Rehnen R 300 Edge Sanding Machine

Rehnen R 300 Edge Sanding Machine


The R 300 is primarily used for workpieces with heights of up to 300 mm. The sanding unit with a height of 300 mm oscillates appr. 30 mm, hereby contributing to a long service life and high surface quality. A pneumatic belt tensioner enables a quickly and easy change of the sanding belt and ensures good belt tracking. The stable height adjustment mechanism for the working table ensures a high-precision sanding result even for heavy and tall workpieces. The R 300 is also available in other dimensions. Additional table on the pulley.

Additional information

Motor power

3 kW

Speed of belt

22 m/sec

Length of belt

2280 mm

Width of belt

300 mm

Size of table:

750 x 350 mm