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Used Cameron Automated Flooring Nester 513-M3

Original price $90,000.00 - Original price $90,000.00
Original price
$90,000.00 - $90,000.00
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Used Cameron Automation Flooring Nester


Flooring Lengths: -8" to Maximum Bundle Size
Flooring Widths: -Standard: 1-1/2 to 6
Flooring Thickness: -Standard Machine: 3/8 to 1
Bundle Lengths: 8.5
Pack Width: -Up to 46"
Bundle Height: -Up to 36" on Big Bundle Machine
Production: -55 Lineal ft./min. -36 Seven Foot Bundles/Hour 5,000+ sq. ft. per shift
Power Requirements: -220/440/575 Volts - 3 Phase 10 Amp Service 90psi
3/8 Air Line


Cameron software is written and supported at our factory in Poughkeepsie, NY.
This enables us to provide our customers with updates, changes, and upgrades
quickly and` often at no charge. In-house programmers allow us to react to our
customer's needs rapidly. The software is intuitive, easy to understand, yet
powerful. The Cameron Automation Flooring Nester Software
-Designs bundles that meet the needs of your customers.
-Measures each and every board so you have all incoming and outgoing data.
-Controls shorts in each bundle by changing software parameters.
-Prints bundle labels.
-Generates reports that include:
Bundles produced Square feet Boards processed and more


Flooring strips of random length enter the machine where they are measured for length. Strips are released by two sets of stops onto the main conveyor. At precisely the right time, a strip is scooped off of the main conveyor by an innovative lifting system. A computer processes the lengths of the strips to determine which combination of strips will produce an accurate length row. The machine constantly picks up and puts down strips to create rows. Rows are accumulated on the outfeed to create layers on the outfeed table. Layers are stripped off of the outfeed table to create bundles. Completed bundles are pushed off of the outfeed onto a conveyor, ready for strapping and packaging.


The Cameron Flooring Nester utilizes an innovative lifter system to pick and place boards gracefully. With our new 1/2" plate steel scoop fingers, our machine can make accurate, bundles with minimal down-time due to machine shutdowns.


Utilizing Dual Length Sensors to see material that enters the machine allows us to take very accurate measurements of each and every board. Higher Accuracy equals better bundles.


While the scoops allow us to gracefully pick and place boards on a moving chain, the outfeed is where we see the results. Our simple but unique stacking system creates a wide layer at a time until finished pack is complete and is ready to be removed from the machine.


This machine can create bundles up to 102" long. Utilizing our easy to use software, you create the exact bundle to fit your customer's needs.


Every Flooring Nester is fed by our Semi-Automatic infeed. On one end, graders feed flooring strips end to end. On the other, our singulator separates out runs of random length flooring to be fed into the Flooring Nester and measured. Infeed is measured from length of first scoop to end of conveyor by the grader.