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Used Cameron Automation Rip One and Used 12” Cameron Rip Saw

Cameron Automation Rip One and 12” Cameron Rip Saw.  

Cameron Rip One skewing infeed allows for the infeed fence to slate the board at the correct angle to get the highest yield.  U shaped layout that includes an outfeed to accept boards form a 24” wide planer.  Rip saw is a 12” wide arbor 2 moving blade rip saw. 

50 HP arbor motor
3 HP feed motor
Independent pneumatic press rolls
V groove track with rubber slats and automated oiling
4” maximum thickness cut with 14” diameter blades
2.8” saw arbor diameter
4500 RPM.  
Saw weight 4,850 lbs.  

Includes transfer chain after scanner to infeed of rip and planer outfeed conveyor.  Saw system was only lightly used and is in excellent shape.  Price includes loading on a flat bed only, and special crating in the responsibility of buyer.