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Cantek J168LH Heavy Duty 16" Jointer

by Cantek
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The Cantek J168LH Heavy Duty 16” Jointer is a truly industrial long bed jointer capable of producing perfectly jointed material used in the production of wood furniture, doors, face frames. and more.  The heavy-duty cast iron infeed & outfeed table and back fence provide superior vibration damping which results in an optimum jointed finish.  The spiral insert cutterhead with its two-sided solid carbide inserts provides optimum stock removal with a superior finish.  The insert knife cutterhead in its spiral pattern runs extremely quiet and the knives have an extremely long life.  The parallelogram table adjustment ensures a minimal gap between the cutterhead resulting in the best quality of cut.

Key Advantages

• Spiral insert knife cutterhead with 30x12x1.5mm two sided knives 
• Spiral insert knife head runs quieter than a conventional straight knife head and provides a longer life of the cutting tools 
• Noise reduction table lips on infeed and outfeed tables for quiet operation 
• Accurate parallelogram design enables table to travel in the same arc as the cutting circle, maintaining close uniform clearance between the table lip and cutterhead for safest operation regardless of cutting depth 
• Table raising and lowering by convenient lever with locking knob to prevent accidental table movement 
• Large center mounted fence with quick setting stops at 45°, 90°, & 135° 
• Smooth fence adjustment by rack & pinion 
• Large diameter cutterhead is ground and balanced 
• Spring loaded adjusting safety guard moves only when workpiece is being fed


Motor 7-1/2HP
Max. cutting width 16"
Max. depth of cut ¾"
Table size 16" x 96"
Cutterhead RPM 5000 RPM
Cutterhead inserts 30x12x1.5mm (2) sided
Dust port (1) 4″
Machine dimensions 97" x 40" x 37"
Machine weight 990 lbs.
Shipping dimensions 100" x 29" x 39"
Shipping weight 1210 lbs.
Electrical requirements 230/3/60 = 22 amps
  575/3/60 = 9 amps