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Cantek MX370P Edgebander

by Cantek
Original price $35,700.00 - Original price $35,700.00
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$35,700.00 - $35,700.00
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The Cantek MX370P Automatic Edgebander with Premilling and Corner Rounding is designed to be a compact and durable edgebander offered at an affordable price. This machine is equipped with premilling, end trimming, flush trimming, corner rounding, PVC scraping, and buffing. User-friendly controls and adjustments allow for efficient changeovers of edge tape thicknesses between 0.4mm & 3mm.


High-frequency pre-milling units can remove up to 3mm and are designed to provide an ideal edge for applying edge tape by cleaning up poorly cut panels.  
(2) counter-rotating diamond cutterheads for optimum results and longevity.


High frequency 12000 RPM end trimming unit, with Ø100mm (4") TC-Saw blades.


High frequency 12000 RPM top & bottom trimmers with insert knife cutters for radius trimming & bevel trimming.


High-frequency corner rounding unit can process 0.4-3mm thick edgebanding by tracing the shape of the panel.


Radius scraper with 2mm radius.


3000 RPM top & bottom buffing units to polish the machined edge.

Key Advantages

• Automatic edge feeding with a thickness capacity of 0.4–3 mm. strip material can be hand-fed.  
• Conveyor chain feed system for reliable results.  
• Teflon-coated hot-melt glue pot.  
• Heated infeed fence for pre-heating the panel for optimum glue penetration.  
• PLC control system with LED display and keypad.  
• Workpiece is fed by chain.  
• Edge coil support plate: Ø 800mm (31 ½"), for PVC and ABS.  
• Spring-loaded pressure unit with (2) pressure rollers.  
• Heavy-duty pressure beam with extendable workpiece support.


Feeding Speed 29 FPM 9 meters/min.
Panel thickness 0.315"~1.77" 8~45 mm
Edge thickness 0.0158"~0.118" 0.4 ~ 3 mm
Min. panel width 3 ¾" 95 mm
Min. panel length 6.7" 170 mm
Working table height 38" 960 mm
Extension support width 22" 560 mm
Dust collection outlet Ø 5" x3 Ø 127 mm x3
Electrical consumption 10.9 HP 6.7 KW
Electrical 230/3/60 26 Full load amps
Machine weight 2024 lbs 910 kgs

Motor Specifications

Feeding motor 1.5 kW
Pre-milling motors (2 pcs) 1.5 kW each (12000 RPM)
Glue spindle motor 0.25 kW
Front/rear trimming motor 0.22 kW (12000 RPM)
Upper trimming motor 0.37 kW (12000 RPM)
Lower trimming motor 0.37 kW (12000 RPM)
Corner rounding motor 0.37 kW (12000 RPM)
Upper buffing motor 0.12 kW (3000 RPM)
Lower buffing motor 0.12 kW (3000 RPM)
Pre-heating 0.4 kW
Glue pot 1.315 kW