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Cantek PCS18 - 18" Pneumatic Cut-Off Saw w/ Foot Pedal Control 230V

by Cantek
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The Cantek PCS18 18″ pneumatic cut-off saw is the ideal solution for increasing production on crosscut operations while maintaining optimum safety. Its powerful 10HP motor and adjustable cutting stroke ensure it can effortlessly cut through a wide range of materials and dimensions. A number of features are included to ensure safe operation such as the infeed/outfeed safety guard, microswitches on all access doors, and a security bolt on the saw access door. Available in either left-hand or right-hand operation depending on your ideal production flow.

• Available in either left hand or right hand operation depending on your ideal production flow.
• Large cutting capacity of 2”x12” up to 4”x10”
• Adjustable cutting stroke to ensure optimum cutting speed and cut quality
• Reliable performance day in and day out
• Fast cutting cycle with up to 45 strokes per minute
• Pneumatic foot pedal operation with adjustable cutting speed from the front of the machine (Optional dual push button control)
• Cast iron table surface is precision ground assuring high cutting accuracy.
• Material clamp is easily adjusted for workpiece thickness variation.
• CSA/UL magnetic switch
• Safety guard covers infeed and outfeed to maximize operators safety during cutting operations
• Infeed guard has adjustable fingers to minimize opening
• Door safety limit switches with extended security bolt
• Emergency stop button
• Optional dual push button control which requires both buttons to be pushed simultaneously to cycle the saw