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Ideal RM-100 Mini Moulder

by Ideal
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The Ideal RM-100 Mini Moulder is used for the production profiling of door stile and rail material as well as other single side profiling applications.  

With the RM-100 from Ideal Machine, you can increase material production consistency and cut down on labor costs with our operator-friendly configurations. The RM-100 Mini Moulder can be configured to meet your specific needs. Features like the optional material hopper, touch screen controls, automated outer material fence, and more will make this machine an essential stile and rail moulder in your operation. 

Standard machine is a hopper fed, HSK63 interchangeable spindle with integrated power feeder and touch screen control. Operator enters the tool diameter and the desired finished work-piece thickness and the machine will set the fence position automatically.

•HSK interchangeable spindle, standard. (Other spindle types available)
•11 HP Spindle
•460 volt, 3phase, 60 hz standard
•Variable spindle RPM
•Reversible rotation for climb cutting (requires safety cage)
•Bore diameter determined by tool holders.
•Hopper feeding, typically face down
•Digitally positioned outside sizing fence
•Up to 20 preset “recipes" for pre-programmed set-ups
•Part length maximum: none
•Part length minimum: 3-½" (depending on part width)
•Part width maximum: 10"
•Part width minimum: 1-½"
•Dust collection: 1 outlets at 4" (climb or conventional cutting)
•Compressed air required: 80 PSI