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Marinus Powermax Chevron Machine Line

by Marinus

The Powermax Chevron by Marinus is an advanced machine line to produce Hungarian-point (Chevron) floor sections. The Powermax Chevron features unique high-tech in and outfeed combination of feed belts with open and closing slides to ensure optimal product supply. The automated crosscut saw provides a constant supply of cut-to-size boards. Boards are fixed sideways and clamped upwards against the accurate fixed ruler, allowing for high profile and angle accuracies. This is the most suitable methos for producing Hungarian-point (Chevron) floor sections.


High capacity up to 10 boards per minute

Absolute angle accuracy

High profile accuracy 

Unique production method

Integrated automatic cross cut saw

No blow-outs or splintering 

CNC controlled positioning clapms

Driven belt conveyor for waste

CE Safety and Electrical Standards - UL/CSA Standards

User-Friendly control panel

Online remote support management

Advanced Servo Drive & Control Technology by Lenze

Functional Specs

Description Value
Lengths: 350 - 1200 mm
Widths: 50 - 200 mm
Thicknesses: 8 - 22 mm
Capacity: Up to 10 boards per minute
Length modes: Fixed lengths