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Marinus Powermax Endmatcher and Defect Saw

by Marinus

The Marinus Powermax Endmatcher is designed for head-end machining (tongue and groove machine) of floorboards, decking and cladding using the through-feed method. This allows both fixed and variable lengths to be produced.

One of the unique and strong characteristics of the Endmatcher is its capacity. Depending on the product, the machine can achieve a capacity of up to 24 boards per minute.

The high speed milling motors in combination with profiling tools, which we have developed especially for this machine, result in a very high quality end result.

The Powermax Endmatcher is equipped with an integrated defect saw as standard. Cutting defects and profiling with just one machine is unique in the wood processing industry. This makes the machine highly efficient and a great addition to your machine park.

Knots and/or damages in the wooden product can be marked with luminescent fluorine chalk. The smart sensors recognize the marks that have been set and cuts-out the part between the marks. The machine is set to keep the marks on the waste after cutting. This will maintain a clean end product.