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Rehnen Ecoflex Drying and Storage Rack

by Rehnen
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The Rehnen Ecoflex Drying and Storage Rack has 17 plastic encased support rods on each side ensure that the rack can carry weights of up to 800 lbs. if the loads are evenly spread. The pluggable support rods can be removed and back mounted if required.

The Ecoflex is equipped with 4 steering rollers, allowing the Ecoflex to also be used for parts transport. The solid tubular frame design can be adjusted from 7.9 - 59 inches.

Extra supports arms and tubes available as shown in pictures

Length: ~ 7.9 to 59 inches
Depth: ~ 34.3 to 46.5 inches
Height: ~ 73 inches
Support Rod Length: ~ 25.6 inches
Space Between Support Rods: ~ 2.75 inches
Max. Loading Capacity: ~ 880 lbs.