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Rehnen PSM-1 Sanding and Polishing Machine

by Rehnen

The Rehnen PSM-1 sanding and polishing machine can be used for many kinds of surface treatment. The PSM is ideally suited for the sanding and polishing of moulded parts. The spindle is able to handle a wide range of brushing and/or grinding drums. Precision speed adjustment is an optional feature that ensures the precise choice of speed.

Optionally available accessories

Freely adjustable speed

power: (2,2 kW) ~ 3 hp
RPM:    1000/1500 or 1500/3000
Ø taking: (30 mm)   1.1811 inch
max. brush diameter: (350 mm) ~ 13.8 inch.
max brush width: (275 mm) ~ 10,82 inch
required space: (1500 × 800 mm)   ~ 59 x 32 inches.
weight: (ab 180 kg) ~ 400 lbs.
dust collection diameter: (2x 160mm) 2x 6.3 inch